Frequantly Asked Questions

What are the Documents Required for Car Hire?

  • Generally, driving licence, identity document, passport and credit card are required. In some cases, additional documents may also be required.

How old should I be to rent a car?

  • In Turkey, you usually need to be at least 21 years old to rent a car. However, for some car hire companies, this age limit may be 25.

What is included in the car hire fee?

  • Services such as car insurance and 24-hour roadside assistance are usually included in the rental fee. However, these details may vary according to the rental company.

What are the Vehicle Delivery and Return Conditions?

  • The vehicle must be delivered in accordance with the delivery and return points determined by the car rental companies. It is also important to return the vehicle within the specified hours.

Can There Be Extra Fees When Renting a Car?

  • When renting a car, additional fees may be charged for extras such as extra services (navigation, child seat, etc.), additional driver fee, airport tax. It is important to get detailed information on this subject.

How Does Car Insurance Work?

  • Usually, basic car insurance is included in the car hire fee. However, rental companies may offer additional insurance options. It is important to get detailed information about this.

What are the Things to Consider While Travelling with a Rental Car?

  • It is important to pay attention to issues such as obeying traffic rules, using the vehicle safely, and delivering the vehicle clean and tidy.

What are the Cancellation and Change Conditions for Car Rental?

  • The conditions for cancelling or changing the car rental reservation may vary according to the rental company. It is important to get detailed information before making a reservation.

How Long Does the Car Rental Process Take?

  • Generally, the car rental process is completed in a short time if the documents are submitted in full and the payment is completed. However, the process may take longer during peak periods or special requests.

Can I get support from the car hire company in case of emergency?

  • Yes, car hire companies usually provide 24-hour service and provide support in emergencies. You can get support on issues such as roadside assistance, vehicle change.
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