Antalya Oldtown

Antalya Oldtown

When the historical region of Antalya is mentioned, the first place that comes to mind is Kaleiçi. Its streets surrounded by bougainvillea offer a nostalgic and modern atmosphere.

Although the houses built of masonry differ according to the financial situation of their owners, they have many common features. There is a bay window on the upper floor of these houses, which have both a street front and a garden that does not see the street. On the ground floor, there are stony gardens that open to the gardens, and on the stony floors there are sofas made of wood. While the ground floor of the houses was where areas such as warehouses and kitchens were located, the upper floors were used as living spaces.

Many houses in the narrow streets of Kaleiçi have been restored in accordance with their originals. While visiting Kaleiçi, which is a historical tourism center with entertainment venues, restaurants and souvenir shops today, be sure to see Hadrian's Gate (Three Gates) and the Old Harbor.

You should also see Hadrian's Gate when you go to Kaleiçi, which has an important position among Antalya's entertainment, history and shopping places.

While taking pleasant walks in the sea-smelling streets of Kaleiçi, which is one of the most frequent destinations for local and foreign tourists in Antalya, do not forget to visit the Yivli Minaret, which can be seen from almost everywhere in the city. Although the minaret, which has survived from the Seljuk period, was originally built as a Byzantine church, it was converted into a mosque by Alaattin Keykubat and gained fame as one of the first Islamic structures in Antalya

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