Rental Conditions

Vehicle User
Only the person(s) written in the contract and delivery form can use the vehicle you rent. In the event of the use of the vehicle by the third parties not specified in the said documents, the validity of all insurance guarantees will be voided in case of any damage.
You can contact our branches to add vehicle users. A maximum of 2 additional drivers can be defined for a vehicle. The age and license year conditions applicable to vehicle groups also apply to additional drivers.

Receiving the Vehicle You Booked
In order to receive the vehicle you have booked, you must have the following documents at the time of delivery of the vehicle, keep them with you at the time of delivery, and present them when requested.
1- Driver's License issued by the competent authorities of the Republic of Turkey for Turkish citizens
2- A credit card issued in the name of the renter (in some vehicle groups, double credit cards are required)
3.-A registered invoice (telecom, water, electricity, etc.)
4. For Turkish or foreign nationals living abroad, at the time of delivery, along with the valid driver's license, the original passport showing that they have just entered Turkey and the entry stamp to Turkey taken within the last 6 months from the end of the car rental period are checked.
In RepeatCar branches, electronic commerce V-POS infrastructure of the relevant banks is used, the security of which is approved by the contracted banks, supported by 3-D secure payment. For this reason, your credit card that you will use during the rental must be open to internet shopping.
Even though they have a reservation, the vehicle will not be delivered to people who do not meet the above-mentioned conditions and do not have their driver's license and credit cards with them at the time of delivery of the vehicle. In such a case, the cancellation and refund conditions are the same. Fees are not refundable.

Return to Different Branch
It is possible to return your vehicle to a branch different from the one you rented. In this case, a one-way fee is charged. You can find out the one-way fees on our website or from our respective offices.

Departure Abroad
Our vehicles are not allowed to go abroad, they can be used within the borders of Turkey.

Rental Period
Our vehicles are charged at least 24 hours a day and 30 days a month.

If you request to use the vehicle for a longer period than the date specified in the contract, you must contact our branches to extend the rental period. If the vehicle is brought late without extending the deadline, the highest rental price is applied according to the rental vehicle/vehicle group.

If you request to return the vehicle earlier than the date specified in the contract, you should contact our branches and shorten the rental period. In the shortening of the time, no refunds are made based on the reservation cancellation and change rules.

No Show
Your vehicle is 60 minutes from the delivery time specified in your reservation. It is kept ready at our branches throughout the year. If the vehicle is not received within the specified time, the vehicle cannot be guaranteed. In case of possible delay, you can make your payment by contacting our branches in order not to lose your vehicle warranty. Your reservation in No Show status will be canceled without refund after 2 hours, even if the payment has been made.

Out of Working Hours
Additional overtime fees are applied for returning or picking up the vehicle outside of the working hours specified in our branches.

Cleaning of Vehicles
Our vehicles are delivered with internal and external cleaning. At the end of the rental, non-standard pollution, throwing garbage or personal belongings into the vehicle, asphalt stains due to use, situations where additional cleaning should be done on the seat or interior, smoking & tobacco use, hair-feather or stains caused by the transportation of pets, etc. Cleaning fees apply in such cases.

You must deliver the vehicle at the fuel level you received. If you return it with missing fuel, a service fee of 25% of the fuel cost and the missing fuel cost is applied. No refund will be made in case of excess fuel.

Traffic Fines, Bridge Highway Crossings, Parking Fees
25% service fee is applied to traffic fines, bridge, highway toll and parking fees.

Damage Management
Damage management fee is applied in cases where the rented vehicle has an accident, is involved in a crime or needs to be repaired.

Our Insurance and Assurance
Our insurance guarantees and guarantees may vary in our prices and campaigns. Against any damage that may occur, your vehicle is under the insurance coverage with the Exemption specified in the Contract. Additional collaterals that you can obtain in addition to your existing collaterals are summarized below.

Tire, Glass Assurance
It is an assurance covering 1 tire or windshield of the vehicle, based on the valid written statement of the driver, without a police/gendarmerie report or an accident report, in case of tire and windshield damage occurring other than the accident. This warranty does not cover body and wheel damage.

STANDARD Assurance
It reduces your risk by reducing the exemption fees determined according to Vehicle Groups or specified in the Contract.
It allows you to pay lower deductibles in case of accidents. This assurance covers personal damages, minor damages, damage to the interior and under parts of the vehicle, tire and glass  damage due to the except accident, etc. does not meet.

PREMIUM Assurance
It reduces the Exemption fee determined according to Vehicle Groups or specified in the Contract to zero.
In case of accident, the exemption fee is eliminated. This assurance covers personal damage, minor damage, damage to the interior and under parts of the vehicle, tire and glass damage due to except accidents, etc. does not meet.

Additional products and services
The additional products and services we offer for you to use your vehicle more comfortably are summarized below. You can get information from our branches for fees and reservations.
Baby/Child seat, Young driver service, Additional driver service, Delivery, Return from address

Important warning!
In order for your insurance to be valid in case of any damage, you must notify the traffic police or traffic gendarmerie teams and get an accident report and alcohol report without moving your vehicle from the accident site.
In traffic accidents involving more than one vehicle resulting in only material damage, a "material damage accident report" can be drawn up if the people involved in the accident agree with the way the accident occurred.
If the vehicle is stolen, the police must be contacted and a theft detection report must be obtained. The key of the vehicle must be handed over to us together with the report received.
Age and license year requirements
Minimum age and driver's license year information related to vehicle groups are shown on the vehicle reservation page and contract.
It is the user's responsibility to check that these conditions are met.

Vehicle usage mileage limits
Daily and monthly rental mileage limits depending on vehicle groups are shown on the vehicle reservation page. Usage over specified kilometers is charged per kilometer.

During the rental, apart from the vehicle rental fee, the collateral amounts determined according to the vehicle groups are collected from your credit card. Depending on your Findeks score and your financial situation on the date of the report, the amount of collateral may be applied differently at the time of delivery of the vehicle.
If the vehicle is received completely and undamaged, the said deposit will be fully refunded to your card within 30 days at the latest. In order to rent the vehicle, you must be able to present a credit card registered in your name during the rental. It is not possible to benefit from the car rental service with a credit card that is not in the name of the renter.

During the rental, a Findeks query is made about the lessor. Rental service can be offered in line with the limited financial score of the lessor within the framework determined by Findeks. If it is not possible to check the Findeks score or if the score is not sufficient for the rental of the desired vehicle, it is not possible to rent a car. In cases where Findeks inquiry is not allowed and/or allowed, the reservation fee is not refunded due to cancellation.

Cancellation and change of reservation
1. Early Booking Campaigns: In early booking campaigns, only the start date and time of the rental can be shortened towards the end of the rental. No refunds are possible.
2. Prepaid reservations: In your prepaid reservations, you can change the vehicle group in addition to the changes you can make in early reservation campaigns.
Some changes may cause price differences. If you cancel your reservation 48 hours or more before the start of the rental, the entire rental fee will be refunded. No refunds will be made for reservations less than 48 hours old.
3. Postpaid reservations: There is no cancellation or change fee for postpaid reservations. Some changes may cause price differences. For reservations you have made with payment, the rental fee will be refunded to your credit card within 1 month from the date of cancellation for security reasons.
If a prepaid reservation is made despite not meeting the conditions specified in these rental conditions, such as age, driver's license, credit card, etc., the above-mentioned cancellation refund period forms and conditions will be valid. If such a situation is detected at the time of delivery, it will be considered a last-minute cancellation and no refund will be made.
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