It is a service provided so that the vehicle can be used by persons and/or persons other than the renter. Every driver who will drive the vehicle must be in the contract.

According to the law, it is a service provided because it is mandatory for babies and children under a certain age or weight to use a baby/child car seat during their journey in the vehicle.

Passengers using the age and license limit determined according to the vehicle segment can be rented. For events where these conditions are not met, you can rent a "Young Driver" within the limits by purchasing "Young Driver".

It is an additional service offered for you to have a safe journey in cold weather.

In order to continue your journey without interruption, you can purchase a charging cable suitable for your phone from our offices.

For a safe journey, you can buy a holder suitable for your phone from our offices.

With various packages, you can buy your sim card suitable for one-time use. - 5 Days of Internet 10GB - 1 Week Internet 25GB - 1 Week Internet 100GB - 2 Weeks Internet 100GB - 25GB internet, 750 SMS Messaging, 750 MIN Talk, 5GB SOCIAL Media
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