Likya way

Likya way

Vacation or adventure? Which would you prefer? The Lycian way can provide you both. As you know, our country is among the rare countries in the world with its natural beauties and historical riches. The Lycian road, on the other hand, combines these natural beauties with history along with the ancient cities it hosts on its approximately 540-kilometer route.
If you wish, let's give you a short information about the route and the journey.

Preparation Process
I guess that you are starting to hear this word, which we know as trekking, more often now. First of all, let's not forget that the most important thing in nature walks is what you carry with you. Nowadays, most of us live away from nature and rural life, but hiking (especially on a very long and difficult route such as the Lycian Way) does not include facilities such as a bench where you can sit and rest whenever you want, or a supermarket where you can go and get a cold drink. That's why your equipment and supplies are vital to you. That's why you need to make a strict list before starting the adventure.

Another factor is weight. Undoubtedly, this will be the factor that will most affect the distance you will travel daily. Especially in your equipment preferences, it will be more beneficial in terms of functionality to choose the most ergonomic and portable products and even the products that will provide more than one use. As you know about rations, there are foods suitable for both military and civilian use, which will provide the necessary calories adjusted at meal times, and which are specially produced for such travels, are widely available in the market. Finally, you should definitely read the book 'Lycian Way' by Kate Clow, an English woman living in Turkey who researched the Lycian Way in depth in our country.

Travel and Stops

Now that you have started the journey, of course, in this case, route planning will be a purely individual preference as there will be variables such as where you start the journey from, how far you will travel, whether you will follow a partial route or the entire road. For this reason, we will not go through any route here, but let's talk about a few places we would definitely recommend you to stop by if it stays on the direction you planned.

There are about 20 ancient cities on the whole road, each of which is very valuable with its important history and architecture, but you may not have the opportunity to see all of them, so we can make a few suggestions. (We will give them mixed, as we mentioned above, route planning is individual.)

Myra Ancient City (Mira)

Myra is an ancient Lycian city located in the region where Demre district of Antalya is located today. The ancient city of Myra, which has a fascinating view with the rock tombs on the slopes of the mountain behind the theater and the necropolis and acropolis on the top, should be one of the stops you should visit. Of course St. Nicholas (aka Santa Claus) church.

Letoon Antik Kenti

It is an ancient city located on the Kas road near Fethiye. According to the legend, the city was founded in the name of Leto, who was pregnant with Zeus. As it is understood from the ruins, the region has the status of a very political and religious region, even some sources state that the city of Letoon is the religious capital of Lycia, as well as being the capital of Lycia, Xanthos. The region is home to three important temples of the period. The temple of Leto, dedicated to Leto, the forbidden love of Zeus, in the north, the temple of Artemis, the Daughter of Zeus and Leto, in the middle, and the temple of Apollo, the brother of Artemis, in the south.

 Xanthos Antik Kenti (Ksantos)

 Located in Kınık village of Antalya Kaş, this ancient city is the capital of the Lycian federation. This ancient city was included in the "World Cultural Heritage" list by UNESCO in 1988. Xanthos, which was built on two hills surrounding the plain, consists of the Lycian acropolis, surrounded by ramparts rising from the Eşen Stream edge in the form of a steep cliff, on one side, and the Roman acropolis, which is higher and larger on the other side. The foundations of the city It is thought to date back to 1200 years. The architecture of this region, every square meter of which is full of history, looks unmatched.

Patara Ancient City

 It is an ancient Lycian city founded near Kalkan town in Antalya's Kaş district. It was the capital of the Lycian federation for a period like Xanthos. It is among the cities besieged by Alexander the Great. Because it was a port city, its commercial understanding was of great importance. Known as Santa Claus, St. It is said that Nicholas was born in Patara. You should add the city of Patara to your list of must-see places in Turkey with its Roman victory monument, aqueduct, lighthouse, parliament building and ancient theater, which is one of the most magnificent ruins of this ancient city, some of which is within the borders of Muğla.

Apart from these ancient cities, we recommend you to visit ancient cities such as Pınara, Simena, Phaselis and Olympos.

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